Jytte Møller


Jytte Møller was born in Denmark in 1946 and started her ceramic studio in 1987. She is a self-taught ceramicist who works primarily from the starting point of the vessel. Her work reflects an experimental spirit, one that is attracted primarily to exploration and evolution. The pieces move between functional vessel and sculpture fluidly, some possessing unique glazes and others revealing just the texture of the natural clay. 


Her first experiments started in Brunei where she was living in from 1974-1986. The mountainous and rainforest covered land was scattered with small riverbanks that had white clay. She harvested this clay and added local silica sand and red grog which she found at a local brick factory. 


Her style has evolved since that time of unfettered experimentation and learning, and her work possesses a strength without being somber. Many of her forms, in fact, are jubilant and offbeat, leaving the viewer with an appreciation of the medium of clay and its unique abilities as an expressive medium.