Brigitte Marionneau


Brigitte Marionneau discovered earthenware and Raku ceramics in the 1980s. Her focus was incredibly disciplined at the time, looking to fully understand the material by mastering simple forms and learning the unique characteristics of clay. For many years, she worked with red, polished, and smoky clays. This was linked to various trips to Arizona and Africa she had taken. In 2006, she felt the need to abandon color and move towards black and white.


Her current work is black, the embodiment of the absence of color, animated by the light's interaction with the material. She brings life to the black material through smooth and rough textures.  The texture is highlighted by engraved and undulating grooves on the surface, but also by scarifications in the matte white enamel before fusion.


These forms reflect an architectural drive towards essential forms. Each piece emphasises structure and sturdiness, while also reflecting the body through curves and flexiblity. The essential nature of these forms make the pieces uniquely meditative and contemplative.