Studio Tashtego is a curated platform and advisory specializing in contemporary design and art. With an appreciation for warm, meaningful interiors that embody a reverence for history and an optimism for the future, we take a spontaneous and passionate approach to design, curation, and collecting.


The gallery is focused on handcrafted, unique pieces by creators from across the globe. We represent small-scale artisans who value personal expression and craft tradition. Because our collection consists of many one-of-a-kind works, the selection changes regularly as the contemporary artists create new pieces and we acquire new artifacts.


Studio Tashtego's curatorial focus is on pieces that imbue a space with character. The collection is a playful treasure trove that is built upon instinctually, without trying to fit a particular mold. We seek to highlight the aesthetic relationships that exist between cultures and styles. 


Studio Tashtego also advises on the creation of bespoke pieces and installations for interiors. Please contact us at studio@studiotastego.com if you have a commission requests or ideas. 


Founded by Julia Caldwell in 2019, Studio Tashtego is the culmination of years in the decorative arts industry honing an eye for unique contemporary pieces. The Tashtego collection is the result of Julia's acute interest in pieces that balance sophistication, playfulness, and historical reference. Years of working with interior design and architecture professionals have instilled in her a deep commitment to serving the design community by representing the interests of both artists and clients.



    Studio Tashtego

    49 Main Street

    Cold Spring, NY 10516

    *currently closed


    E: studio@studiotashtego.com

    O: 917.794.4643

    I: @studio_tashtego