Gudrún Einarsdóttir


Gudrún Einarsdóttir's oil paintings are undeniably inspired by the textures that surround her in her native Iceland - complex mosses, lava formations, ice crystals, and other geological phenomena. She seeks not to merely recreate natural patterns, but to explore new ways of allowing paint to express a concept. Her painting process is intuitive, and she guides the paint only so much before organic processes take over to create unique patterns and textures. Gudrún´s works are the result of over 30 years of experimenting with oil paint, various materials, and different tools.

Each artwork can be seen numerous ways, influenced by the viewer’s distance from the painting’s surface. From afar, her paintings showcase a beautiful blend of colors arranged in an amorphous but repetitive pattern. But up close, the viewer is immediately drawn into an endlessly complex textural landscape. Her work simultaneously evokes vast swaths of land photographed from a bird's eye view and organic material under the lens of a microscope.