Alvina Jakobsson


Studio Tashtego is pleased to announce representation of Swedish ceramic artist Alvina Jakobsson. Since graduating from the University of Arts, Crafts and Design `Konstfack ́in Stockholm 2017, Jakobsson has been based at her own studio in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. Among her recent exhibitions she presented her work at the `1000 Vases' exhibition in Paris. Jakobsson has received several prestigious grants for her work, most recently the Culture Grant of Malmö.

Jakobsson builds monochrome pieces in clay. Movement and repetition are central parts to her artistic practice. Her work embodies a meditative practice of synchronized reiteration on a simple yet fluid form. Each monolith is comprised of dozens of curves, bends and folds, and yet there is a holistic simplicity that emerges out of the complexity. Contemplating Alvina's work feels similar to viewing a zen garden, each sculptural component has its place but supports its neighboring component in producing a fluid cohesiveness. The pieces are minimalist without reading as austere, conveying a natural warmth and visual interest.