Nathalie Doyen


The essence of Nathalie Doyen's work is meditative, repetitive movements. The tranquil and hypnotic nature of the process is paramount, resulting in sculptures that feel organic yet disciplined. The only aspect of the process that is really planned is the color palette, which Nathalie thinks about for days, reflecting on the hues she finds around her. From there, the form is the next step, gentle undulating monoliths that provide the subtle foundation for her intricate and mesmerizing surfaces. Each piece is completely enveloped with small pieces of colored clay that Nathalie colors herself with oxides and pigments. These pieces are methodically textured with a needle and the resulting surface looks as though it has been embroidered. The artist's clear appreciation for minute detail draws the viewer in to a world where one can become completely lost in time, lost in process, lost in observation.