Edmond Byrne


Edmond Byrne is an acclaimed glass artist with an experimental approach to process and making that explores tactility, color psychology, sustainability, and craft. He seeks to subvert the conventional aesthetics of glass in favor of exciting plays on texture and the visual language he creates within the surface of his work.


Much of his work is made by blowing colored glass into molds to create textural surfaces and tactilely engaging objects. The molds he builds are made from a variety of materials such as clay, fabrics and metal. The activity of making the molds is as important to the creative process as the glassblowing itself, because each mold is responsible for the texture and visual interest on the surface of the glass.


He has always been drawn to works by ancient Roman glass artists, and much of Edmond's work has a kaolin/water patina to create an aged effect akin to the patinas on the surface of ancient Roman glass. This "aged" surface treatment, combined with the subtle, semi-transparent colors of the glass, produces an object that resonates with echoes of the past while staying firmly contemporary.