Pedro da Costa Felgueiras


Pedro da Costa Felgueiras' studio specialises in Oriental and European lacquerhistoric paint techniques and the creation of new original pieces emphasising these techniques. At the beginning of his career, Pedro built his reputation restoring objects for museums and private clients.


Halfway through his professional life, he has turned his attention to creating bespoke pieces, using the materials and methods that are part of the centuries-old traditions of paint craftsmen. He has researched widely in workshop manuals and treatises from the past, collected rare old pigments, and revived lost methods of paint application. Well-known in the trade for his attention to detail and principled approach, Pedro is seen by many as a custodian of old techniques.


With this wealth of knowledge and painstaking dedication, he now uses the labour-intensive techniques of the past to produce modern pieces of singular beauty and integrity. These pieces are of the highest quality, and have been described as 'intimate and unique - a truly inspiring combination of craft and artistry.' For followers of his work, his pieces are seen not only as items of furniture but collectable works of art.