Sabina Fay Braxton


Memories, images and experiences weave through Sabina Fay Braxton’s multi-dimensional fabrics, where encrustations of precious metals, dustings of metallic powders, and washes of delicate inks combine in an alchemy that has become her trademark.

Whether evoking the feasts and splendors of Byzantium or the serendipity of a Zen garden, Sabina Fay Braxton’s unique creations are a synthesis of a singular childhood rooted in constant travel and exploration. Her ever-evolving collection consistently displays a rich synthesis of historical reference and contemporary aesthetics. It has expanded beyond the gilded gaufrages and rich velvets that she became known for into printed linens, woven chenilles, textured silks, and abaca.


If one is looking to give a touch of authenticity or a hint the unusual to an interior Sabina's fabrics will do precisely this. While there are standard colors for both grounds and inking within the collection, the “one-of-a-kind” aspect of production allows for customization and unique combinations.

Sabina is also available for bespoke commission work including wall panels, doors, headboards, curtains, and more. Through an iterative process comprised of concept paintings and drawings, custom color selections, renderings, and sampling the atelier is able to impeccably realize your design.