Dorothée Loriquet


Dorothée Loriquet was born in Paris in 1962 in an artistic environment. Destined to a career as a musician she joined the conservatory to study the cello. A few years later, overtaken by a passion for clay that animated her since childhood, she abandoned her musical studies to devote herself to ceramics. She went through a complete training and set up her studio to pursue her personal research. She currently lives and works in Gennevilliers near Paris. 

Much of her oeuvre consists of biomorphic compositions that rotate in space while retaining a vertebral dimension. The real difficulty in elaborating these constructions is finding and maintaining perfect balance throughout the entire piece's composition. The viewer is able to see not one work but several, thanks to the varied possibilities of its positioning. This is what makes Dorothée Loriquet's truly remarkable, the containment of multiple compositions within a single sculpture.