David Krynauw


David Krynauw was born in 1984 in the forestry town of Piet Retief in South Africa. When his father decided to make his own furniture for the hotel he owned, David realized a passion for furniture making. David and his father shared and developed this interest in woodworking throughout his high school years. 


For college, David went off to Stellenbosch to study Agriculture and Winemaking, while never abandoning his woodworking hobby. Upon completing his studies, he worked as a winemaker in Hermanus and America for several months but the idea of making furniture never left his mind. In 2007, He decided to leave everything behind and moved back to the family farm in order to start his business and spend months experimenting and perfecting his craft.


In addition to unique furniture pieces, David has also applied his building and joining methods to architectural structures. In December of 2016, he erected his first building as a proof of concept, using timber grown by his dad on his Eucalyptus Saligna plantation. It is a beautiful chapel, situated in Morningside, Johannesburg.  In early 2017, he decided to move his factory to form part of the Victoria Yards Artisanal Hub development, situated in Bezuidenhout Valley. He employed 30 people and trained them within the different areas of his business which includes the likes of joining, assembling, sanding, upholstery, steelwork, finishing, CNC programming and designing.


In December 2017, David took on his first major architectural project for Kleine Rijke; an up and coming food market and venue in Hartbeespoort. He took inspiration from the Cape Dutch style of building and worked with his sister, an architect from Khanya Architects, to develop this magnificent space. He currently has six designers working in-house and regularly offers internships in order to work with and train young talent in South Africa. David and his team are currently working equally hard on evolving his furniture range as well as designing and developing a ‘Build’ range which will include elements like Green Houses, Housing Pods, Low-Cost Housing Solutions, Doors, Windows and Buildings.