Carolyn Genders


Carolyn Genders' work is defined not only by a mastery of form and color but also a sense of playfulness and optimism. Her works convey a joie de vivre rooted in an open exploration of the relationships between material, form, texture, line, and color. Each work is a three dimensional painting, drawing on the abstract expressionist tradition. Genders pays meticulous attention to ensuring each side of the vessel is well-composed, offering the viewer a completely different perspective depending on the vessel's positioning. Even the inside portion of the vessels are painted, a result of Genders' consideration of these vessels as complete works of art. 


Genders begins her work by drawing, a practice she relies on for idea and concept formation. It is at this phase that form, pattern, and color starts to be realized, coaxed from her imagination into the material world. "Drawing is my practice. It is my thought process. Through it I express weight, line, volume and rhythm." These ideas are then taken into her studio, where they are translated onto the earthenware she creates her vessels from. Using traditional slab and coil building techniques, she begins to work the clay into a perfectly balanced asymmetrical sculpture. 

Upon the surface of the form, staccato etchings, wandering lines, and diffuse color fields are applied. She selects her colors rigorously and her vessels convey a Rothko-esque interest in the use of color fields to inspire emotions. Even her monochromatic works reflect a careful and thoughtful use of tones and shades. Line and texture are used seamlessly in conjunction with color to communicate and inspire a transcendent experience in the viewer.